At Knollwood Dental Group, we offer services in periodontics for all our patients.  Periodontics, which focus on the health and treatment of the gum tissue, is a vital part of oral hygiene.  To keep gums healthy, daily brushing and flossing is very important for patients of all ages.  In addition, regular dental check ups and cleanings can help keep your gums looking and feeling great.  At Knollwood Dental Group our hygienists use a Piezo ultrasonic scaler for patients with heavy stains and calcium deposits.  Ultrasonic scalers vibrate at such a high frequency that remove calculus and break down bacteria.

Gum issues and disease can range from mild to severe, and we offer treatment for all forms of gum disease.

Some of the common gum disease problems include:

  • Gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease that may contribute to bad breath
  • The look of “long” teeth (when gum lines recede and may eventually expose the root portions of teeth)
  • Tooth discoloration or deterioration
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Gum depressions (indentations or holes in the gum tissue)
  • Infections or discolorations of the gum line
  • Tooth loss

Periodontal Exams:

A perio exam is always part of your visit at Knollwood Dental Group.  Our hygienists use a small instrument to measure the pocket between your gums and teeth to evaluate if gum disease is present.  This evaluation also gives the doctor a graphic description of the general condition of your mouth.

Many of the symptoms and issues associated with gum disease are entirely preventable, and certainly very treatable.  You can discuss periodontal concerns at your yearly check-up here in Mobile, AL, or you can contact us for an appointment.