Doctor consultation

Here at Knollwood Dental Group our doctors have many options to help you discover the best fitting and most natural looking dentures available.  We will give you several options that will best fit your needs and budget.  There are many choices available and the turnaround on the most custom full and partial porcelain dentures is very fast.  We use a top notch local lab that ensures your adjustments, relines and repairs are made usually the same day.

Types Of Dentures We Offer:

Partial Dentures

Traditional partial dentures are held in place by metal clasps that go around existing teeth to hold the partial in place.  

Non-metal Partial Dentures

These denturesare more esthetically natural looking. There is no metal to show attaching to your existing teeth.  

Precision Partial Dentures

This denture is removable, this option has internal attachments with no clasps that attach to adjacent crowns.  

Full Dentures

Traditional Full dentures are made to be secure and fit well to your individual needs.  

Immediate Dentures

After your teeth extraction visit you will leave our office with a comfortable temporary denture.  

Denture Stabilization with Implants

Implant supported dentures can be made to attach to implants several different ways depending on the number of implants that are placed.  They can be attached by a simple ball and socket attachment which is the most economical yet least stable.  Another way is by clipping the dentures to a titanium bar that is screwed to three or more implants.  Each of these ways is removable for cleaning and maintenance.  The more natural feeling way to attach dentures to implants involves screwing the denture to the implants where it can only be removed by the dentist.
Dr. Brown

Dr.’s Brown and Brown are here to help you look and feel your best.  Our approach is centered on your quality of life!!!