A Warm Welcome from Knollwood Dental Group

We’re thrilled you’ve chosen Knollwood Dental Group for all your oral health needs.  Our dentists and their team are glad to welcome you to our office.  We believe Knollwood offers a comfortable environment where you can feel confident you’re receiving the best possible dental care from friendly, qualified professionals.

Be prepared for your first visit to our Mobile office to last for about one hour.  Arriving approximately 15 minutes early would be ideal, as it will allow us to complete all the required new patient paperwork.  Please bring all of your dental and health insurance cards and information, as we will need to scan and make copies of these.  You’ll be asked to fill out several pieces of paperwork to initiate treatment at our office.

Your initial exam will be an opportunity for you to meet your dentist and our team.  Together, we’ll learn about your dental goals and treatment needs.  Typically, we’ll take basic dental x-rays for your records and to assist your dentist with future treatment. We’ll discuss oral hygiene with you and provide a teeth cleaning and examination.  Afterwards, your dentist will present an overall evaluation and discuss any existing dental problems and treatment options.

At Knollwood, we are committed to strong, open communication with our patients.  We will always speak candidly with you about any symptoms or problems observed, options for dental treatment and alternatives, and our proposed recommendations.  Working closely with you, we can work towards the common goal of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful.